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Oboe Lessons
Oboe Lessons

Oboe Lessons

Shelley and Bethany Marti with oboe student

INSTRUCTOR: Martha Pineno

Marti Pineno is a former oboist for the Pottstown Symphony and Chamber Orchestra.  She sang soprano for Meistersingers, a 16-voice ensemble. Marti earned a B.S. in Art Education from Millersville University so you will find her quite creative and effective in her teaching style. Marti taught art in public school for over 10 years before taking her position as artistic director of Cygnet Studios, Elizabethtown. Marti taught drawing, painting, pottery and oboe lessons full-time at Cygnet Studios from 1993 - *2011.

Ms Pineno was nominated 1997 “Best Performance Artist” by Lancaster Sunday News for her “Heritage Portrait Series” oil paintings, featuring 20 paintings of ordinary people from Elizabethtown. The Heritage Series was completed the following year with 12 additional paintings of prominent buildings.

Her illustrated book, "Talented Tabby",  premiered in 2002. Leonardo’s Lesson, the companion book to was published in October 2003. “Silver Swan” CD arrived in April 2003 and includes five of Marti's original compositions. Two CDs, “Butterfly Blue” and “Amaryllis” were released March 2004 and also featured many of her compositions. The “Twilight” CD was released May 2005 with “N202, Clearing the Air” in June 2006.   ”Color Wheel, full circle” was completed in 2012 to benefit *Domestic Violence Centers.  Purchase the cd online and donate to your local women's shelter.


Oboe instruction is geared to meet each student’s musical needs. Lessons are scheduled once a week unless other arrangements are made. Lesson books should be purchased prior the lesson.

Lessons will be devoted to developing the skills of rhythm, embouchure, technique, intonation, phrasing and articulation. Basic music theory worksheets may be included during the lessons for beginners.

Marti is willing to work on school music (band/orchestra/district) during lessons, however it is important for students to continue to practice standard lesson material from methods books.  You will also be introduced to ear training, sight-reading and reed adjustment.

Students need to be at each lesson with a reed that works. Soak your reed before arriving at your lesson. We can supply quality reeds ($18 each) if students do not already make reeds or do not have a good source of handmade reeds. Prracticing 30-60 minutes, four times a week is recommended.  A 24 hour notice for cancellations is required (unless emergency) or you will be charged for the lesson


Per Lesson: 45 minutes, $30.00
Pre-Payment: $100/4 lessons

Per Lesson: 1 hour, $45.00
Pre-Payment: $160/4 lessons

A. Andraud
Practical & Progressive Oboe Method
Southern Music Co., publisher

John P. Russo
20 Contemporary Studies for Oboe Solo
Henri Elkan Music, publisher

Studi per Oboe
Ricordi/Belwin Mills, publisher

12 Studies
Ricordi/Belwin Mills, publisher

Studies, Etudes, Sonatas


Includes Reedmaking Supplies

$150.00 for 2 hours


When you purchase an oboe, it is an investment. Your instrument should provide you with years of enjoyment with a minimum of adjustments or repairs.

Consider buying a “used” quality instrument or a modestly priced new instrument. The oboe needs all cork pads, low Bb, F-resonance, B-C trill key. Left F may be needed also for better upgrade. You may want the low Bb resonance key and the 3rd octave key – that would depend on the level of music played.

Many companies allow you to try an oboe for up to 7 days. You may be required to pay the complete amount by check or send a down payment. Some companies accept credit cards. Bring the oboe to your lesson so that you can be helped with your purchasing decision.


(Brand Name, Price)

F. Loree: $2600-$8200
Laubin: $3500-$10,000 
Fossati: $2200-$4600
Covey: $2400-$5200
Gordet: $1800-$3500
Howarth: $2200-$5200
Marigaux: $1900-$3900
Fox: $1800-$4800
Patricola: $1800-$3800
Yamaha: $1200-$4300
Buffet: $1600-$3900
Mirafone: $1500-$2800

Purchase oboes from www.usedoboes.com
TELEPHONE: (570) 374-8787

Hello Marti, A few years ago we were looking for a used oboe and we came to see you. While we were trying oboes you had a small lesson with my son, My son Nikita and I were so impressed with your lesson, that we remembered you very well. My son took lessons that year with a local teacher, but then he had braces for 2 years. Now the braces are off and he would like to start his oboe lessons again. He tried with the same teacher, but he does not find it “interesting” with her any more. We leave 1.40 minutes away -- this is the only drawback. We were hoping that possibly we can arrange lessons 1-2 times a month on weekends. Thank you, Galina
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